Private Tajweed Lessons


Instructor: Halima Afi

This class is intended for those who have received instruction in tajweed and have fluency in reading. The class will review basic rules of tajweed focusing on their practical application and the memorization of their names followed by individual reading time for each student. Expect 1 hour of homework each week.


Payment and Policy

Payment must be made in advance

Option #1
12 sessions (25 minutes each) / 3 days per week
Option #2
12 sessions (50 minutes each) / 3 days per week

Location & Timing

Locations of lessons are to be arranged with teacher. (East Bay, California) Timing of lessons will be set previously between both parties. Any changes in the schedule will be agreed upon by both parties.

Attendance Policies

  • The student must be on time
  • The teacher will wait for the student for 10 min. If the student showed during these 10 min, the lesson will continue for the rest of her timing.
  • If no-show, the lesson will be taken from the total timing.
  • For the student, if the teacher made a no-show, the teacher is obliged to compensate for this lesson.


Both parties have the option to cancel a lesson with a max of two lessons per month with one day prior notice. The teacher is to compensate these lessons for the student.


In case of emergencies / urgencies the lesson will be postponed to be continued on another date. In case of long term absence (one week or more) for any reason for both parties, (travelling/vacation/sickness) the money paid will be transferred to the following month.

Teacher Bio

Halima Afi bint Rasheed Ujima is from Los Angeles, Ca, the oldest of eight children. From the age of six she learned to recite and memorize Quran from her step-father, a graduate of Umm Al-Qurah University. She enrolled in the Rahmah Foundation Hifdh Program in 2011 with intention to complete the whole Quran, inshaAllah. She is committed to advancement of women in Quran reading-fluency so one can love the Quran and devote time to reading with regularity. She is certified to teach Tajweed by receiving her Ijazah in Hafs recitation from Shaykha Hanan Mohammd Metwaly Hashem of Cairo, Egypt. She has lived in the Bay Area for 16 years working as a home school educator. She is happily married and lives with her family in Hayward, California.