Women Around the Prophet ﷺ

with Ustadha Shamira Chothia Ahmed

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The Rahmah FoundationThe Courageous Nusaibah bint Ka’b

Join Ustadha Shamira as she discusses the courageous Umm ‘Umarah, Nusaibah bint Ka’b (May Allah be pleased with her). It was she who defended the Prophet ﷺ with her life and ultimately received the greatest du’a for herself & her family. She was pure-hearted, brave and fought alongside men in battle; an inspirational example of strong Muslim womanhood. (21 min)


Umm Haraam Bint MilhanUmm Haraam Bint Milhan

Learn about the great Ansari companion, Umm Haram bint Malhan (ra), the maternal aunt of Anas ibn Malik (ra) and a milk-aunt of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. She was honored with hosting the Beloved of Allah ﷺ in her home regularly on his way to Masjid al Quba, and attained his blessed love and prayers. She did not hide her love and desire for paradise, and requested that the Prophet ﷺ pray that she be included in the first naval fleet of Islam. In the words of Abu Na’eem “Her reverence was praiseworthy, she was the martyr of the sea; she was Umm Haraam who longed for Paradise.” May Allah ﷻ be well pleased with her. (22 min)


Al-KhansaAl-Khansa: Powerful Poet and Mother of the Brave

Prior to Islam, Al Khansa’ was unable to deal with the deaths of her brothers and did not stop lamenting them and driving others to do the same. She was famous for her poetry filled with loss and sorrow. However, after turning to Islam her perception of life and the afterlife was transformed and she became the driving force behind positive change for herself, her family, and society at large. (22 min)


Zaynab bint MuhammadZaynab bint Muhammad ﷺ

Please join us as we discuss the role of Zaynab, The daughter of the beloved Prophet ﷺ. She was a strong and firm believing woman from whose loyalty we can all be inspired. (27 min)


Fatima bint Assad: Wife of Abu TalibFatima bint Assad: Wife of Abu Talib

“She was my mother after my mother.” – The Messenger (ﷺ) Learn about the magnanimous, merciful, and deeply compassionate woman who embraced the role of a mother for our beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) after the demise of his own. Find out some of the reasons why she held such a special place in the beloved Messenger’s heart that he (ﷺ) said, on the day of her burial, “No one was better to me, after Abu Talib, other than her. I dressed her with my shirt so that she may be dressed with clothing from heaven and I laid [next to her] so that it would be easy on her.” (23 min)


Al Shifa' bint 'Abdullah (ra)Al Shifa’ bint ‘Abdullah (ra)

Learn about the great female companion, doctor and teacher: Al Shifa’ bint ‘Abdullah (ra). Be inspired as to how our Beloved Prophet ﷺ would admire Al Shifa’s brilliant mind and vast knowledge, and how she was chosen to teach writing and medicine to Hafsa (ra), a Mother of the believers. See how Al Shifa left behind a legacy of curing the soul and body, and how she elevated the status of women to the highest levels of piety, knowledge, and striving for the sake of Allah. (16 min)


Safiyya bint HuyayySafiyya bint Huyayy

“My husband is Muhammad ﷺ, my father is Aaron, and my uncle is Moses.” Learn about one of the Mothers of the Believers, Safiyya bint Huyayy, who chose Islam over Judaism and then perfected her religion. Learn about her special characteristics, tenderheartedness, and deep love she had for the Prophet of God ﷺ and for the Truth. Safiyya, which means “to be chosen”, was truly chosen by the the Almighty to fulfill a beautiful purpose and leave a lasting legacy. (27 min)


Umm Rumaan: a Woman of ParadiseUmm Rumaan: a Woman of Paradise

Who was the supportive wife of Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (ra), the dedicated mother of Hadhrat Aisha (ra) and the mother-in-law of the Beloved of Allah (ﷺ)? Zaynab bint ‘Aamer, better known as Umm Rumaan, played all her roles in a most beautiful and fluid manner with her heart and mind focused on the Almighty. (39 min)