Spiritual and Emotional Development

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Coping with Tragedy and FearCoping with Tragedy and Fear

Join Ustadha Rania Awaad as she helps us process recent tragedies in the ummah, and how to cope with their impact on our collective mental health. In the discussion, she encourages us to process and talk out our feelings while staying strong and unwavering in our Deen. She also teaches us the Prophet’s ﷺ example of coping with grief and difficulty. Teacher: Ustadha Rania Awaad (1 hr 7 min)


To Know Yourself, Know AllahTo Know Yourself, Know Allah

Join Sister Hosai Mojaddidi for a talk which delves into our relationship with ourselves and our Lord. In order to better understand ourselves and our condition, we need to be guided towards a deeper knowledge and connection with the One who created us. Teacher: Sister Hosai Mojaddidi (1 hour 11 min)


The Ongoing StruggleThe Ongoing Struggle

Join Sister Hosai Mojaddidi, founder of Mental Health 4 Muslims, for a discussion about our struggle with ourselves, and the ways that Shaitan calls us away from Allah by exposing the weaknesses of our nafs.
Teacher: Sister Hosai Mojaddidi (1 hour 18 min)


A Muslimah's Guide to Time ManagementA Muslimah’s Guide to Time Management

As busy women who are often juggling a host of responsibilities such as school, work, wifehood, motherhood, we often struggle with managing our time properly to find balance in our lives. Ustadha Amina has found the answer to efficient time management right in our Deen. She has prepared a wonderfully comprehensive talk on the best way to manage our time using the tenets of our Deen to extract the proper skills to organize our busy schedules. Listen to find out more about how to increase barakah (blessing) in your time to accomplish more while also achieving the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wa Ta’alla. Teacher: Ustadha Amina Sayeed (First Session: 56 min / Second Session: 1 hour 23 min)


Raising a Spiritual ChildRaising a Spiritual Child

This class has limited availability. Please email mailbox@therahmahfoundation.org for permission to access.

This course traces the development of children from preconception to early adulthood with special attention paid to the four major developmental milestones: physical, cognitive, emotional and (most important though not commonly discussed) spiritual milestones of each stage. The course necessarily begins with a discussion on choosing the proper spouse and the true essence of both marriage and intimacy. The discussion then shifts to the effects of pregnancy, labor and delivery of the development of the child. This is followed by tracing the development of the child from the perspective of each of the four major milestones from his/her earliest days through each year of childhood and teenhood. Parenting advice is shared at each stage and milestone. The information in the course is based on Qur’anic and Hadith references and makes use of both classical and modern educational philosophies and theories. Teacher: Ustadha Rania Awaad (Part 1: 1 hr 2 min / Part 2: 54 min / Part 3: 46 min)