Hifz (Qur’an Memorization)


Ages: For girls and women, age 12 and older
Times: Multiple time slots available. Please see application for details.
Start Date: Ongoing

Fremont, CA Program

Location: Private residence (Address will be provided once accepted)

Payment Options:
1 hr / week for 8 weeks: $112
2 hrs / week for 8 weeks: $224
3 hrs / week for 8 weeks: $336



Pleasanton, CA Program

Location: MCC East Bay 5724 W Las Positas Blvd, Ste 300 Pleasanton, CA

Payment Options:
1 hr / week for 8 weeks: $112
2 hrs / week for 8 weeks: $224
3 hrs / week for 8 weeks: $336



Oakland, CA Program

Location: Lighthouse Mosque 620 42nd Street, Oakland, CA 94609
Payment: $40 per month



Program Details

The goal of this program is to produce full-fledged Hafidhat, females who have memorized the entire Qur’an by heart. This is a very rigorous program which requires hours of intense daily devotion to memorization. There is a trial period and entrance exam which the student must pass in order to be accepted into the program. The program can only accommodate 10 students at a time and they must be of the utmost maturity and dedication to be considered.

Each student will be expected to memorize one new page of Qur’an a day. Each day the teacher will listen to a page of new memorization as well as a previously memorized portion of Qur’an. The students will recite to the teacher on a one-on-one basis and work on their memorization while the other students in the group recite to the teacher. Tajweed lessons are incorporated into the program. The memorization process is expected to span over an average of 3 years.

This program entails a full time commitment for student and parent alike. Although the bulk of the work will be done at the center, students need to commit to making this a full-time effort. It is hard work but the reward is well worth the effort. We pray that Allah grants all of us Tawfiq in our efforts to make this program a success so that it may continue for generations to come.

As memorizing the whole Quran with proper tajweed is the final objective of the program, there are prior goals to work on before that objective can be met. Students will first need to gain fluency in reading the Quran and a mastery in the application of tajweed. This will be acquired as the student reads, without memorizing, the whole Quran with one teacher. Certificates will be awarded to those students who successfully complete this task as well as pass an oral and written exam in tajweed. Once that is complete, students can move on with memorizing starting first with juz 30 of the Quran, and then beginning with Surat-al-Baqarah. By the time the student reaches this point, fluency and tajweed should be perfected, by Allah’s permission, and everything that is memorized should be done with extreme attention to detail.

Teacher Bios

Ustadha Amina Zahabi: Fremont Instructor

Amina began her hifdh when she was approximately 7 at the Islamic school of Cambridge, in Cambridge Ontario. Three years later, she completed her memorization of the Quran. After that she studied tajweed with her father, Shaykh Jamal Zahabi. She was blessed to receive an Ijaza in the Shamael from Shaykh Mohammed Al Yaqoubi in Al Madina al Munawara. She looks forward to helping young girls work on their hifdh insha’Allah.

Ustadha Suzane Derani: Pleasanton Instructor

Suzane began her Quranic studies at the young age of 3. At the age of 15 she traveled to Syria and received her ijaza in tajweed from the late Shaykh Muhi ad din alKurdi. Suzane has been teaching Quran for over 15 years and currently lives in the Bay Area with her husband and children.

Ustadha Nawar Taleb-Agha: Oakland Instructor

Born and raised in the Bay Area, California, Nawar Taleb-Agha has always had a passion for the Deen. She graduated from the University of California- Berkeley with a BA in Linguistics. In 2003 she received her ijaza in Tajweed in the Hafs recitation from the late Shaykh Abu Al-Hassan Al-Kurdi (may Allah have Mercy on him.) This then opened the door for her to further her studies in the Islamic Sciences. She embarked on a three year journey to Damascus, Syria where she studied at the Nouriyah Hadith Institute (Madrasat al Hadith al Nooriyah) Uloom al-Hadith, Usool al-Fiqh, Inheritance law and Shamaail of the Prophet, salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam. In Damascus she was also able to study Arabic, Tafsir, and Shafi’i Fiqh at the hands of female scholars. By the Grace of Allah, she then received the prestigious ijaza for the memorization of Quran in the Hafs Recitation from Shaykh Muhammad Nizar al-Kurdi which requires having a thorough understanding of Arabic grammar as well as memorization of the Jazariya Poem of Tajweed rules. Ust. Nawar has taught for the Zaytuna Institute Arabic Intensive and teaches Arabic and Tajweed classes locally. Currently, she is the head teacher for The Rahmah Foundation Girls’ and Women’s Hifdh (memorization) Program. Ustadha Nawar is one of our Qur’an Program teachers.