Foundation of Hifz


Ages: Girls, ages 7-12
Times: Monday – Thursday 3:30 – 5:30 (Monday is optional)
Location: Northstar School 725 Whipple Rd, Union City, CA 94587 (IN-PERSON ONLY)
Class Minimum: A class minimum of 6 students is needed (max 15)
Admission: Students must be evaluated & approved before being admitted to the program.
Price: $200 per month. Please email to inquire about possible partial scholarship opportunities
Instructor: Halima Afi and Maryum Qazi


Program Objectives and Goals:

  • Prepare girls ages 7-12 for the lofty, long-term goal of memorizing the entire Quran.
  • Serve as a prerequisite for admission into the Rahmah Girls/Women Hifz School (minimum age: 12) and provide the foundations required to sustain full Hifz.
  • The focus of this pre-hifz enrichment program will be Qur’anic Arabic, classical Tajwid instruction and hifz methodology.
  • Level one students will complete Qaidah in preparation for reading of the Quran with fluency and correct pronunciation.
  • Level two will complete a full khatim in Tajwid while advancing memorization skills.
  • Utilize age appropriate methodology that will inspire and instill love and respect for the Quran.
  • Orient the girls towards a deep and lasting relationship with the Quran.
  • Provide supportive and nurturing group environment where the girls can motivate each other in their learning.

Program Desired Outcome:

  • Consistent participation in the program will inshaa Allah result in each girl completing at least one khatim of the Quran with tajwid.
  • At the end of the program students will qualify for the Rahmah Girls and Women Hifz School.
  • At the end of the program each girl will be ready to begin memorization of the Quran in any traditional Hifz program.

Program Details:

  • Ages: for ages 7-12. Girls 6 years of age will be accepted on individual basis and must be turning 7 within the school year of admission into the program.
  • Schedule: this is a Monday-Thursday, after-school program that will run from 3:30-5:30pm.
  • This program is an afterschool enrichment course for families who wish for their daughter to become a hafiza in the future.
  • Northstar / Home-schooled/ Islamic school or public school children who are serious about this endeavor and who qualify will be admitted. All applicants and their families will undergo an interview process for admission into this program.
  • The program is limited to 15 students. There must be 6 students registered for the program to commence.
  • There will be two age groups, each with their own two year curriculum.
  • 7-9 is the younger group and the focus will be on pronunciation, learning to read, learning Qur’anic Arabic vocabulary, oral memorization, and hands-on activities. They will work on completing the Qaidah in these two years. They will acquire familiarity with tajwid rules intuitively through practice.
  • 10-12 is the transition to memorization age group, and the emphasis in these two years will be on the khatim and mastery of Qur’anic Arabic terminology. They will perfect their reading and receive direct (age-appropriate) instruction of the tajwid rules.
  • Each group will have their own teachers inshaa Allah.
  • For the younger group, the instructors will be child-friendly, and be able to maintain the children’s enthusiasm while guide them to the desired outcomes. Main qualification is native
  • Arabic pronunciation and ability to meet this age group’s needs.
  • Teachers: Sumaya and Maryum Qazi.
  • For the older group, the instructor must have ijazah in Tajwid. Teacher: Halima Afi
  • This is a fee-based program and some financial support will be available through The Rahmah Foundation for families who require it. Fee: $200/month.